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Level 1.8 Asking and Telling about Age and Birthday

Written By Heni Puspita on Monday, April 4, 2011 | 11:11 PM

Jeff       : How old are you, Fanny?

Fanny  : I’m 16 years old.
Jeff       : How old is your brother?
Fanny  : My brother is 19 years old. How old are you, Jeff?
Jeff       : I’m 16 years old, too.
Fanny  : How old are you twin sisters?
Jeff       : They’re 10 years old.
Fanny  : When’s your birthday?
Jeff       : My birthday’s on the 10th of July. How about you?
Fanny  : My birthday’s on the 9th of August.

Picture - Print Shop (reuploaded by me).
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