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Pantai Mutun (Mutun Beach), Lampung (3)

Written By Heni Puspita on Sunday, April 10, 2011 | 8:17 PM

Yesterday I went to the beach again after such a long time. I went there with my friends. It was just a spontaneous idea since we were so tired with such a hectic schedule at the office. So, last weekend we decided to have a hideaway for a moment and it was fun. We were a bit worried about the weather though since there was a rain pour last Friday. Sunday morning, the sky was a bit dark and there was a drizzle but we decided to carry out our plan. We left at about half past seven and arrived at the beach at half pas eight. There were only four of us since some friends suddenly couldn’t join us and two of our friends were late. We wanted to ride the banana boat but there weren’t enough people. We plan to go to the beach again next time with more friends. It will be more amusing. I took some pictures yesterday but I only posted some here. A friend asked me “From these six people, which one are you?” Just guess! Hehe…

Pictures - Private collection.

8 komentar:

Sharing Information said...

wow.. suasana pantainya bagus,

Ikada News said...

diantara photo paling atas sendiri
heny yg mana ya??

enda said...

waah..bagus ya :)
pengen kesana nih :)

Heni Puspita said...

@Sharing Information, masih ada yang lebih bagus, sayang tempatnya jauh
@Ikada, tebak donk :D
@Enda, mampir aja hehe

josrevalution said...

salam...tempat folo blog nya dimna?..

cara mudah dapat backlinks sebanyak 6,103,515,625!

john said...

hello friend

funkynetter said...

indah juga pantainya....... di tambah temen temennya cewek wkwkwk

Heni Puspita said...

@josrevalution, klik 'HOME' ya :)
@john, hi there! ^^
@funkynetter, yang ngepost juga cewek XD

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