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Level 4.1 Describing People (1)

Written By Heni Puspita on Thursday, March 24, 2011 | 3:53 PM

Sandra  : Hi, Mary, what are you doing?
Mary     : I’m looking for a picture of my favourite idol.
Sandra  : What’s her name?
Mary     : Her name’s Victoria.
Sandra  : What does she do?
Mary     : She’s a singer, dancer, and model.
Sandra  : And what does she look like?
Mary     : She has got long, blrown hair and a bang.
Sandra  : Is she tall or short?
Mary     : She’s tall, about 1.65 m. She is slim, cute and pretty.

What does she look like?
What does he look like?
What do they look like?

She      +          is          +     adjective
He’s     +          is          +     adjective
They’    +          are        +    adjective

She      +          has got             +          noun
He        +          has got             +          noun
They     +          have got           +          noun


Height: tall, short, medium height.
Build: frail, stocky, slim, thin, plump, fat, skinny, well-built.
Age: young, elderly, middle-aged, teenager, in 20s, in 30s, in 40s.
Face: round, oval, square, scar, wrinkles, freckles, sun-tanned, pale.
Eyes: big round blue eyes, large, small, bright, narrow.
Hair: bald, straight, curly, spiky, wavy.
Clothes: casual, scruffy, shabby, smart, tidy, messy.

Picture - Reuploaded by me, original picture HERE.
Post - My English notebook.

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