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Level 4.9 Complaining Nouns

Written By Heni Puspita on Thursday, March 24, 2011 | 11:12 PM


Bella    : Angie, which one do you like better? Living in the city or in the countryside?
Angie   : I guess I like living in the city better than living in the countryside.
Bella    : Why?
Angie   : Well, there aren’t enough facilities there.
Bella    : Such as?
Angie   : There aren’t enough places for young people.
Bella    : You mean… there aren’t enough malls?
Angie   : Yeah, you know that I love shopping.
Bella    : But I like the countryside better than the city.
Angie   : What are your reasons?
Bella    : There is too much pollution and there are too many people. 
                Besides, there aren’t enough trees.

Angie   : Well… yes… There isn’t enough fresh air, too. But, I still like the city better. 

There + are + too + many + countable noun (plural)
There + is + too + much + uncountable noun

There + aren't + enough + countable noun (plural)
There + isn't + enough + uncountable noun

Pictures - Edited and reuploaded by me but I can't find the original pictures/links.
Post - My English notebook.

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