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After I Leave the Office...

Written By Heni Puspita on Monday, April 18, 2011 | 8:56 PM

Sometimes I buy some foods (mostly snacks) and eat them together with my family. Here are some places that I frequently visit to buy some foods. 


I love pempek and I use to go to this stall to buy some. The price is affordable, 1,000 rupiah for the small ones and 7,000 rupiah for pempek kapal selam.

Fried tofu, tempe, banana, etc.

Here are the foods which are crispy and cheap. My most favourite gorengan (fried snacks) are bakwan and tofu. It costs just 600 rupiah per piece.

Siomay jamur

Siomay is a kind of dim sum. It’s my favourite, too. I like this siomay jamur (mushroom) because it’s got a unique taste. A serving of siomay jamur (4 pieces) is sold for 5,000 rupiah. 


Tekwan, is a fish-based food. I usually buy tekwan here. The owner of the stall also sells pempek. A serving of tekwan is sold for 5,000 rupiah only.

Chicken noodles with dumplings

This food is best eaten while it’s raining and cold. In this stall, we can also buy fried noodles, fried dumplings, and fried rice. A bowl of chicken noodles is sold for 8,000 rupiah.

Lamongan fried chicken

Usually my mom and I stop by here when we do not cook something for dinner. The fried chicken is crispy and crunchy. The sambal (chili sauce) is also delicious. Not only fried chicken, we can also order pecel lele (fried catfish plus sambal), fried duck, fried shrimp, fried calamari, and fried fish. Mostly I buy fried chicken. The price of the fried chicken is 9,000 per piece.

Those are the types of food I usually buy. Simple right? Sometimes I also like to buy martabak telur, kwetiaw, or chicken satay. Maybe next time I will try other foods that are sold along the road towards my house.

Wah it’s almost the time to go home. I’ve to get ready. Buy maybe tonight I won’t buy anything to eat because I’m full - I’ve eaten ketoprak this afternoon, hehe…

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