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How to Treat the Itching and Swelling Caused by Caterpillars

Written By Heni Puspita on Thursday, April 14, 2011 | 4:36 PM

Recently residents in some areas in Indonesia are worried because of the caterpillar attacks. Caterpillars are not very dangerous. However, a caterpillar alone can cause itching in our skin, so how if there are hundreds or even thousands of caterpillars in our environment?

There are several methods we can try to treat the itching and swelling cased by caterpillars:

Grate the turmeric and add quick lime (kapur sirih) and water, then heat the mixture over a flame. Once it’s cool, rub it into the skin. This mixture can also be used to treat insect stings.

Source - HERE.

Take some Rimbang (Tekokak/Leunca) fruits, slice them and rub then into the skin. Make sure that the small seeds of Rimbang fruit attached to the skin.

Source: HERE.  

Mix some cooking oil and salt in a small bowl, then smeared into the skin for several minutes. We can also finely chop some onions, and then smeared them into the skin. 

Source: HERE.  

Mash a few stems of spinach, squeeze the juice and drink it three times a day.

Source: HERE.

Clean the skin from the caterpillar’s hair by using paper, gloves, or tape. Wash the skin with warm water and soap. Rub some salt for 5 minutes to remove the hair which still attached. Use VCO (virgin coconut oil) to help treating swelling and pain caused by caterpillars. 

Source: HERE

To stop the itching and swelling, a thick past of quick lime (Calcium Oxide) can be applied upon the area. In maximum cases, application of quick lime has showed positive results in treating a caterpillar's sting. Baking soda or ice pack can also be applied to reduce the swelling and itching.

Source: HERE.
Last but not least, do not scratch the skin which is swelling and itching. This can cause wound and infection on the skin. If the traditional methods above do not work, immediately go to the doctor. Hopefully, these caterpillar attacks do not extend to other areas.

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