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Do We Need to Join An Insurance Program?

Written By Heni Puspita on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 | 9:52 AM

About two weeks ago, someone offered me some insurance programs. Have you joined any insurance programs? Basically, insurance is financial protection against loss or harm: an arrangement by which a company gives customers financial protection against loss or harm such as theft or illness in return for payment premium. Before someone offered me those programs, I’ve been thinking about joining one someday.

The company where my friend works offers three kinds of insurance program:

1. Life Insurance

The program is intended to meet our most basic needs of an insurance program: to have protection during the program, and prepare legacy if at any time we have to stop an insured because of destiny - death. There are other benefits offered by this program, namely as an investment.

2. Health Insurance

This program is especially designed for us who because of health problems should be lying in the hospital, but still want to be productive. This program not only sets aside the fund for us when we are sick and have to be hospitalized, but at the same time also provides an opportunity for us to obtain the investment results of the development of insurance premium we pay.

3. Education Insurance

Maybe we've heard before, parents who are so discipline in saving the money for their children’s education. But when it comes the time when the fund is needed, the cost of education has been skyrocketed, so the saving is not sufficient.

The program is designed to develop the fund we allocate to our children’s education. Not only offers protection and savings, the program also provides an opportunity to obtain investment returns from the development of the insurance premiums we pay.

Looks like insurance programs are quite interesting. Life insurance for investment and protection for us, health insurance for the elderly (parents), and education insurance if we are married someday and have kids. Of course we must have enough money to pay the insurance premium (the duration of each program is usually about 10 until 15 years long). So, what do you think, do we need to join an insurance program?

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Post - From my friend who works for an insurance company.

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Anaskiv said...

Asuransi Adalah pilihan pintar di dalam menghadapi kehidupan yg selalu tidak terduga...Nice info..

Rainneri said...

nice post

Heni Puspita said...

Thank you

Organikaceh said...

Very nice article, thanks for share.
Happy nice day.

KameraFoto said...

itu belum termasuk asuransi yang lain ya,.. yang bentuknya barang misalnya,,,,

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